Our Charter

San Francisco West. Where the City meets the Ocean

Founded on October 26, 1984, we are a small but diverse group of like-minded and service-focused community leaders from various backgrounds making a difference and taking action in our community, in the world, and in ourselves. Our motto is “Serving Families and Children to Inspire Peace”. Our domain is the scenic Western part of San Francisco. We meet every Tuesday mornings from 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM at the beautiful, world-famous Harding Park Golf Clubhouse. We have received numerous club accolades including the coveted: ”best small club” title in the world. We have recently been involved with a water decontamination project in Bangladesh with Chemists Without Borders and the local Rotary Club in Chittagong, Bangladesh concentrating on the removal of Arsenic from the drinking water. Please send us a message if you have any questions or if you feel you are interested in becoming a prospective member.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Rotary Club of San Francisco West is to serve and inspire our local community and international partners by creating service opportunities for ourselves and others as expressed in the Rotary Four -Way Test.

In the things we think, say or do
1. Is it the TRUTH?
2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Club Motto:

“Serving Families and Children to Inspire Peace”

President’s Welcome Message:

Robert Jocson, Rotary Club of San Francisco West, President

Happy New Year!

As the Rotary Club of San Francisco West incoming president, I want to welcome you to an exciting Rotary year.  These are unprecedented times.  Our new theme this year is: “Rotary Opens Opportunities”.  I hope that this coming year will be filled with opportunities for everyone.  This is my second opportunity to lead our group and I hope to make this year a fun, exciting, and rewarding for everyone.

This year I want to expand our strategic plan to incorporate Rotary International’s Strategic Plan.  I want to: “Increase our Impact.”  This means that whatever our club did before, we turn up the volume.  We need to be visible, relevant, and active.  We will use “leverage” to increase our impact by partnering with other clubs and other organizations.

Second, I want to “Expand Our Reach.”  We need to go “outside the box” to find other forms of membership and be able to be creative in finding, retaining, and engaging new members as well as getting our brand recognized.  We will try new ideas.

Third, I would like to “Enhance Participant Engagement” by making all meetings, community, and social events relevant, interesting, and engaging.  I will seek your opinion to determine your likes and dislikes.

Fourth, “Increase our Ability to Adapt.”  As I said these are unprecedented times.  We must be able to make Rotary accessible to everyone.  This year our club implemented the use of Zoom.  We will continue to do this plus give everyone the chance to select their preferred method of communication and the times you can and cannot meet.  We will fit Rotary to your schedule instead of fitting you to our club’s schedule.

As Rotary’s vision, we see a world where people unite people, take action to create lasting change, across the globe, in communities, and in ourselves.  We are People of Action!


Robert Jocson,

Rotary Club of San Francisco West, President

Meet the Board Members:

Robert -President
Anna- PE, Secretary, VP Club Services

Ken- VP Club Services
Bill- Foundation Chair

Our Members

We are a very diverse group of community leaders from various backgrounds. We unite to make a difference within our communities, across the globe, in our place of work, and in ourselves. We are passionate about giving back to the community and at the same time also have fun doing it. What we value are Service, Integrity, Leadership, Fellowship, and Diversity.

Our Venue

Cypress Grill at Harding Park Clubhouse

99 Harding Road, SF CA 94132

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